Méthode de maintenance de la machine de formage de cintres

Veuillez débrancher l'alimentation lorsque la machine à former les cintres n'est pas en fonctionnement, et il est strictement interdit de la brancher pendant une longue période sans l'utiliser.
Machine à fabriquer des cintres en acier inoxydable
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Please disconnect the power when the clothes hanger forming machine is not working, and it is strictly forbidden to plug it in for a long time without using it. Give oil twice for each shift, add various oils, can start to use. Check the remaining oil in the reducer on time (two months). When the remaining oil is insufficient, please fill-up the transmission gear car oil. The non-slip clothes hanger forming machine must be kept clean, dry, and naturally ventilated. The oil part of the transmission system (thematic activity organization transmission gear, etc.) is on time.

Machine de formage de cintres à vendre
Machine de formage de cintres à vendre

The control box of the clothes hanger forming machine is set up to move forward and move forward quickly. The wire feeding wheel, straightening wheel, and forming mold of the non-slip clothes hanger forming machine are made of high-quality carbon steel, and processed according to heat treatment, which has high wear resistance and long service life. All shaft parts are made of 40CR or 45# steel. After heat treatment, it has high comprehensive physical properties. All transmission gears are forged blanks. After heat treatment and induction hardening of the journal, the strength reaches HRC55-58 degrees.

Le machine à fabriquer des cintres performs ‘automatic feeding speed setting’, ‘setting of each feeding length’, and ‘inch feeding speed setting’ according to the “parameter adjustment” interface in the man-machine interface. The preset value of the automatic feeding speed is used for the feeding speed under the condition of self-starting. Enterprise is mm/S (second). The preset value of each feeding length is effective for the total length of each hanger under the condition of self-start; and the actual feeding length of the ‘manual feeding’ in the “production monitoring” interface. The enterprise is 0 mm. The preset value of the inching feeding speed is used for the actual feeding speed of the ‘manual feeding’ in the ‘production monitoring’ interface. Enterprise is mm/S (second). The speed of ‘jogging feed’ and ‘jogging retreat’ in the ‘production monitoring’ interface is 1/2 of the inching feeding speed.

Some tips about maintenance of wire hangers

cintres en plastique revêtu
cintres en plastique revêtu
  • Don’t put heavy clothes on the drying rack.

When the hanger carries heavy clothes, it is likely to deform or break. The hanger itself has a low carrying capacity and can only bear the weight of ordinary clothes. If it is too heavy, it will not be supported, it will only cause damage to the hanger and it can no longer be used. And if the clothes are broken while hanging, the clothes will be scratched and damaged, and the consequences will be more serious.

  • Try to avoid wearing leather on hangers.

The surface of the hanger is generally soft and will wear out. After wearing, it will affect the gloss and appearance of the hanger, and the hanger will slightly rust. When it is worn or even rusted, if you continue to use it to dry clothes, it will only stain and damage the clothes on the hanger.

  • Try to avoid contact between the hanger and moisture.

Since the hanger itself is easily corroded and softened by water and breeds bacteria, for your health, you must avoid contact with moisture. When using a hanger to dry clothes, try to dry out the moisture as much as possible. In addition to corroding the hanger itself, if the moisture is too much and the clothes are too heavy, it will also cause deformation and damage to the hanger.

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