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Pre-sales advice

  1. Professional consultants are online 24 hours.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to ask our customer service.

  1. Related recommendations.

We will recommend the corresponding machines to customers based on their actual needs, expected earnings, and economic conditions. If you have questions about the output, parameters, price, etc. of the machine, you can contact our sales manager.

  1. Additional services.

We can provide clients with entrepreneurial ideas, profit analysis and factory design. If you have this need, we can meet it.

After-sales service

  1. Logistics tracking.

We will always contact our customers and report to them the logistics information of the products.

  1. Guide the machine installation.

After the customer receives the goods, we will send them texts, videos, etc. to instruct the customers to install and use the machine. If necessary, we can also send professionals to the customer’s location for installation.

  1. Provide pick-up service.

For customers who come to China to visit our machine, we provide additional services, including pick-up service, hotel booking service, catering service, etc.