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The hanger production line is mainly composed of a wire release machine (pay-off machine), clothes hanger making machine, plastic spraying gun, plastic powder recycling booth, dryer. The raw material for making clothes hangers is usually 1.8mm to 2.0mm galvanized iron wire, and the maximum diameter of machine Machinable iron wire is 2.5mm.

How to turn a piece of wire into hangers?

When making the hanger, firstly, the wire needs to be put on the pay-off shaft, and then the wire is pulled to the inlet of the hanger making machine by the pay-off machine.

The hanger machine will first press the wire to ensure that the wire will not be twisted during the manufacturing process. The wire is cut at the end of the machine and folded into the shape of a hanger. The finished hangers need to be sent to the spray machine for plastic treatment. You can choose different colors of plastic powder to color the hangers. The final step is to put the hanger into the dryer for fixation.

The production process of the hanger production line

Production steps

The raw material is iron wire – making hanger – spraying plastic powder – drying and fixing color

Relevant equipment

Pay-off machine – hanger making machine – plastic spraying machine – dryer

the working flow of the cloth hanger
the working flow of the cloth hanger

The steps of the hanger production line are introduced

Step 1: Pay-off machine

This pay-off machine is a horizontal pay-off machine, also known as a wire winding machine. It is mainly composed of a motor and a storage frame and is mainly used for wire take-up, pay-off, storage lines, and the like. In general, this type of machine is directly determined by the diameter of the take-up reel. This machine is the first machine to make hangers and has a simple structure. Although it does not have much technical content, it is also an indispensable part of the hanger production line.

Step 2: Hanger making machine

The hanger machine adopts an automatic CNC, which runs smoothly and has a low cost. A machine can produce a variety of hangers with a yield of 35-45 per minute. Arbitrarily changing the mold can produce hangers of different sizes, the size of the hangers is 11-19 inches. The machine adopts servo induction wire feeding and has an automatic fault alarm function.

The raw materials for making hangers can be various materials such as wire, aluminum wire, 201 stainless steel wire, etc. You can choose according to your needs.

Step 3: Plastic spraying machine

If the hanger made of wire is in contact with damp clothing for a long time, it will affect the service life of the hangers. What’s more, the rust will cause pollution to clothes. Therefore, it is usually necessary to perform spray treatment.

The spray machine consists of a spray gun and a plastic powder recycling equipment. Hang the hangers into the powder recycling booth, spray the plastic powder evenly onto the surface of the hangers with a spray gun. The spilled plastic powder will be recycled by the recycling equipment, and the recovery rate is as high as 98%. While saving raw materials, it also ensures the health of the staff.

Step 4: Drying room

The hangers subjected to the spray treatment need to be placed in a baking machine for baking and coloring, and the plastic particles on the surface of the hanger are baked to adhere to the surface of the hanger. The baking machine can set the temperature, and the spray hanger needs to be baked for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Why choose our company’s hanger production line?

1. All machines support customization.

2. Our company supplies all raw materials related to hangers, such as galvanized iron wire and plastic powder. Solve your concerns about buying raw materials.

3. The machine is built with precision machine tools, and the length error of cut-off wire is not more than 5 mm. The clothes hanger is formed once and is not easily deformed.

4. The size, shape, and color of the hanger can be changed.

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