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    The clothes hanger making machine is also called the wire coat hanger making machine, it can make a variety of hangers in a short time. Compared with traditional machines, it has a very high production efficiency, which can produce 25-40 hangers in one minute.

    How does the hanger machine work?

    The operation method of this machine is very simple. Because it adopts PLC programming design and works fully automatically. After the iron wire is fed into the machine straightening system, there is no need for manual labor. The iron wire will automatically stop conveying when it touches the machine baffle. After the cutting system cuts the wire, the forming part automatically bends the wire into a hanger.

    Applicable raw materials:

    The raw material includes Iron wire, galvanized iron wire, PVC coated metal wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, copper wire, etc.

    the raw materials for making hangers
    the raw materials for making hangers

    Structural composition of the clothes hanger making machine:

    The hanger machine is mainly composed of a fuselage, a motor, a baffle, a straightening system, a conveying wheel, a forming mold, and an asynchronous torsion bar.

    What are the characteristics of a good quality hanger machine?

    1. The fuselage adopts a flat welding structure, which eliminates the internal stress of the machine through vibration aging technology.
    2. Upper platen has deflection compensation device.
    3. The upper transmission adopts double hydraulic oil cylinders, and the machine runs smoothly and with high precision.
    4. Electrical control and manual fine-tuning mode are adopted for a distance of rear stopper and stroke of gliding block and fitted with a digital display device, easy and quick in use.
    wire clothes hanger making machine
    wire cloth hanger making machine

    Technical Parameters:

    Galvanized wire1.8mm-2.2mm
    PVC coated wire2.8mm-3.6mm
    Hanger size13”-14”Children/15”-18”Adults
    Net weight800KG
    Machine size1800*800*1650mm

    From the parameter table, we can see that the output of our clothes hanger machine is 1800 to 2500 per hour. And this hanger manufacturing machine can make 13 to 14-inch children’s hangers and 15 to 18-inch adult hangers. At the same time, if you have other needs, we can provide customized service for you.

    wire hanger making machine
    wire hanger making machine

    Profit analysis of the clothes hanger making machine:

    • One machine works 8 hours a day. The machine produces 25-40 hangers in one minute. Therefore, according to the minimum output, 25 * 8 * 60 = 12000 hangers are produced per day.
    • 12000 * 24 = 288000 hangers are produced every month.
    • According to statistics, one ton of wire can produce 36,000 hangers. Then there are 288,000 ÷ 36000 = 8 tons of iron wire processed each month.
    • The market price of one ton of iron wire is about 5000-6000 yuan, and the cost of purchasing raw materials per month is 6000 * 8 = 48000 yuan.
    • The price of each hanger can reach 0.4-0.8 yuan. So, the monthly sales of the hangers produced are 288000 * 0.4 = 115200 yuan.
    • This machine requires only one person, and the monthly labor cost is 5,000 yuan.
    • Electricity fees, venue fees, and other expenses are temporarily calculated at 10,000 yuan per month.
    • Then the monthly net profit is 115200-48000-10000-5000 = 52200 yuan.

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