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The wire hanger machine is special equipment for making hangers. This machine can make iron wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, and plastic coated iron wire into hangers. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency and stable operation.

Structural composition of the wire hanger machine

This machine is mainly composed of a straightening conveying system, a hanger forming system and a hanger storage system.

Hanger machine structure diagram
Hanger machine structure diagram

1. The straightening conveying system is mainly composed of multiple closely connected rollers. The function of this part is to transport materials and prevent the hanger from being twisted or bent during the production process, ensuring that the quality of the produced hanger is not affected.

2. The hanger forming system is mainly composed of a baffle, a hanger mold, and asynchronous torsion bar.

  • The baffle is located at the far right end of the machine, and its function is to ensure the length of each section of the wire. If the wire segment is too short, it cannot be formed. If the wire segment is too long, it will affect the beauty of the hanger and the cost of raw materials.
  • The hanger mold is an important part of the hanger machine. This part is closely related to the shape and size of the hanger.
  • The role of the synchronous torsion bar is to tighten the tail of the wire and the hook portion of the hanger.
  • Hanger storage system. This part is the auxiliary equipment of the hanger machine, which is mainly composed of crossbars and vertical bars connected together. The vertical bar is mainly used for support. The finished clothes hanger will automatically slide on the horizontal bar and be stored.
the hangers can be made
the hangers can be made

How to make a hanger?

First, the iron wire is passed through straightening and conveying wheels. These wheels are continuously rolling, and the iron wire is conveyed to the forming die. After it hits the baffle, it stops conveying. The iron wire is formed in the forming mold. Finally, the tail of the wire is rotated and screwed on the hanger hook by a synchronous torsion bar. The whole process does not exceed 0.04 seconds.

Features of the wire hanger machine

1. The whole machine is a steel plate welded structure with high strength; the internal stress eliminates machine vibration, runs smoothly, and has low noise.

2. The upper transmission system uses double hydraulic oil tanks, which are equipped with mechanical limiters and synchronous torsion bars, with high accuracy.

3. The baffle and sliding stroke adopt a combination of electric control and manual fine adjustment and are equipped with a digital display device, which is convenient and quick to use.

4. The upper die is fitted with a deflection compensation device.

5. High production efficiency. 25-30 hangers can be made in one minute.

6. Wide production range. The thickness of the wire used to make the hanger can be between 1.8-3mm. This machine can make hangers of different shapes and sizes. For example right-angled, butterfly-shaped hangers, shoulder-folded hangers, etc. The size range of the hanger is 13-19cm.

detail part of this wire hanger making machine
detail part of this wire hanger making machine

Parameters of the wire hanger machine:

Capacity 1620-1680 pcs/hr
P.V.C  Coated Wire2.8mm~3.6mm
Galvanized Wire 1.8mm~2.2mm
Motor 2HP
Wire feeding stand 2HP
Hanger size13-14cm children / 15-19cm Adults
Net weight 750KG
Machine size 1800L*800W*1650Hmm

Hanger machine working video

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