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wire clothes hangers

Are wire clothes hangers recyclable?

Wire clothes hangers are common metal products. When these wire clothes hangers are damaged, can they be recycled? The answer is yes!

small hanger machine shipped to Spain

Small hanger machine shipped to Spain

Industrial hanger machines can realize mass production of hangers. And even a small hanger machine can produce many different hangers, such as PVC wire hangers,

commercial hanger machine for sale

How much is the hanger machine price?

Our Shuliy factory can provide customers with the most cost-effective clothes hanger machines and corresponding clothes hanger processing solutions.

hanger machine for shipping to Sweden

Small hanger machine shipped to Sweden

As a manufacturer and supplier of small hanger machines, we can provide all customers with complete production solutions for clothes hangers.

hangers made by hanger making machin e

Precautions for the use of hangers

Commercial hanger machines can manufacture all kinds of hangers of different shapes and sizes. The clothes hanger machine adopts turbine rotation, which is fast, and

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