The Composition of the Automatic Hanger Machine.

The hanger machine can be divided into three parts, the first part is baffle, the second part is mold, the third part is a synchronous torsion bar. The baffle is in the right of the machine, and the baffle is not too long or too short. If it is too long, it will affect the beauty of the hanger; If it is too short, the hanger will not be the finished product.

The Prospects of the Hanger Machine.

With the development of the economy and society, the requirements of the clothes are also increased. When people go to school or go to work, they can only wear a set of clothes. The clothes that they can not wear need to be stored, at the same time,the hangers can play the role in storing clothes. When we use hangers, on the one hand, our clothes will not wrinkle, on the other hand,it is convenient for us to find the clothes that we preferred.

Why Choose Our Company When You Are Choosing Hanger Machine?

First, we are a manufacturer and supplier of machines, with a very professional mechanical team. Every year, we will invest a lot of money in machine renewal and research and development to provide more advanced machines for our customers.

Second, at present, our machines have been sold to many countries in the world, and have established good cooperative relations with more than 80 countries. For example, the United States, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Algeria, etc.

Third, we can assist customers in designing factories, calculating factory areas, drawing factory plans and 3D drawings, and so on.

Fourth, many customers have become our agents, they are responsible for recommending customers to us. In return, we can pay them the corresponding commissions. The process of becoming an agent is not complicated, if you have this intention, you can express it to our sales manager. Choosing our company will bring you unprecedented opportunities.

The Kinds of the Hangers

There are stainless steel hangers, aluminum-magnesium alloy hangers, silicon magnesium titanium aluminum alloy hangers, cloth hangers, plastic hangers, and wooden hangers.

Storage Methods and Precautions For Hangers.

In our daily life, you can sweep them with a duster to remove dust. You can wipe it with a wet rag on time. You can wipe it with a dry rag after wiping to keep hangers dry. The metal hangers should avoid moisture to prevent rust. The wooden hangers should be treated with insect repellent to avoid moth infestation. Plastic coat racks should avoid direct sunlight, resulting in plastic aging. The wooden hanger should be placed in a ventilated and cool place to avoid sunshine.

The Advantages of Hangers 

The color of the hanger is colorful. Customers can choose different colors according to their preferences; different hangers give people different feelings, such as wooden hangers, giving people a warm and elegant feeling. So cloth hangers give people a stylish, warm, and cute feeling.

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