3 Clothes Hanger Making Machine Successfully Sold to Tunisia

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The hanger making machine is a very popular machine. It can be directly put into production without other auxiliary equipment. For people with limited funds or the initial stage of starting a business, choosing a hanger machine as a startup project is a very good decision.

Why is the hanger machine suitable for novice entrepreneurs?

1. No production experience is required. The prosperity and development of many industries depend on certain industry experiences. However, the operation of this machine is very simple, one person can complete all operations of the machine, and the industry does not rely too much on experience.

2. Low investment funds. The price of a hanger manufacturing machine is not expensive, usually between 20,000-35,000RMB. This price is acceptable for novices.

3. Production is not troublesome. Compared with other industries, this industry requires very few manual operation steps. It only needs to manually put in the iron wire and replace the wire. Once the production starts, you can completely leave it alone.

4. Low pressure. The investment of funds is a gradual process and will not put you under too much pressure. You can buy spraying equipment, a plastic powder recycling machine after you make money later, in order to increase your product kinds.

5. Broader sales. Hangers are daily necessities that everyone can use, and unlike other products, hangers have no shelf life.

Customers contact us

The Tunisian customer sent an inquiry to our sales manager LAURA, who informed Laura that he wanted to open a factory for hangers, but had no experience in this area. We let customers not worry, we will provide customers with various support. Although the client speaks French, we still eliminate concerns for the client one by one.

At present, the customer’s three hanger machines have begun production, and he is very satisfied with our machines. He told us that he also wants to continue to expand his industry. If he makes enough money, he will come to our factory to buy ten hanger making machines again.

hangers made by the hanger machine
hangers made by the hanger machine

Parameters of the hanger making machine

Wire diameterCustomize
Hanger sizeCustomize
Net weight700KG
Machine size1800*800*1650mm

As you can see, our hanger making machine can produce 35 to 40 clothes hangers per minute. This means that our clothes hanger machine has fast production efficiency. The size of the hanger can be customized according to your needs, which means you have more choice. If you are interested in our hanger machine, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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