Automatic Hanger Forming Machine Exported to Australia

The Shuliy factory has been manufacturing and selling hanger forming machines for ten years. Recently, we exported a clothes hanger forming machine to Australia again.
clothes hanger forming machine for shipping to Australia
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The automatic clothes hanger forming machine is a piece of industrial equipment for making all kinds of iron clothes hangers. Therefore, commercial clothes hanger machines are the necessary equipment for most investors who are engaged in the production of clothes hangers.

The Shuliy factory has been manufacturing and selling hanger forming equipment for ten years and has exported a large number of hanger machines abroad. Recently, our factory exported a clothes hanger machine to Australia again.

Why start a hanger business in Australia?

Although this Australian customer has contacted the hanger manufacturing business for the first time, his work has always been related to hangers. The Australian customer has a medium-sized dry cleaner and therefore often needs a large number of hangers.

The dry cleaners of the Australian client used to buy large quantities of hangers-on on a regular basis. Because there are few hanger factories in the local area, and the prices of local hangers are generally very high. So he used to import hangers from China and other countries. Even so, he said that purchasing hangers still has a high cost.

By chance, the Australian customer saw the working video of the clothes hanger machine posted by our factory on YouTube. He was surprised and interested in the high production efficiency of the clothes hanger machine.

Details of the hanger forming machine order for Australia

As a result of the long-term dry cleaning business, the Australian customer has a certain understanding of the specifications of hangers and also knows the sizes and shapes of hangers commonly used in the local market.

customized clothes hanger molds for the Australia customer
customized clothes hanger molds for the Australia customer

Therefore, he has certain requirements on the size and shape of the hanger made by the hanger forming machine. According to his needs, our factory customized two hanger molds with a size of 40cm and a hanger mold with sizes of 45-46cm for him.

In addition, according to the customer’s local voltage characteristics, we also customized a motor with a voltage of 415V, 50HZ, 3 phases for him.

Automatic hanger forming machine parameters for Australia

commercial hanger machine for sale

Power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 415v, 50hz, 3 phase
Weight: 700kg
Dimension: 1800*800*1650mm
Total 3 molds

Thus, we can customize the hanger mold for our customers. Therefore, if you have a clothes hanger factory or want to profit from the hanger industry, please contact us and we will provide you with high-quality hanger forming machines.

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