Automatic wire hanger making machine shipping to Indonesia

Automatic wire hanger making machine
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A customer from Indonesia purchased an SLPT-400 and SLP-500 automatic wire hanger making machine from us. The difference between the two hanger machines is that the SLPT-400 hanger machine makes PVC wire hangers. The SLP-500 cloth hanger making machine makes galvanized hangers. And we have other models hanger making machines that can make various shapes of hangers.

Why did the customer buy the automatic wire hanger making machine?

The customer and his partner wanted to start a new project of making hangers. They wanted to make their own hangers and sell them. Therefore, he sent us an inquiry for an automatic wire hanger making machine by visiting our website.

plastic hanger making machine
plastic hanger making machine

The process of purchasing coat hanger machines

After we received a WhatsApp message from the customer. And we immediately confirmed with the customer what kind of material they needed to make hangers. After that, we confirmed the shape of the hanger that we needed. We sent the automatic wire hanger making machine PI to the customer immediately and the customer said he needed to discuss it with his partner. After a few days, the customer said he could buy the automatic wire hanger-making machines. We then confirmed with the customer that the voltage required was 220V, 50hz, and single-phase power. Finally, the customer paid and we started making and shipping the automatic wire hanger making machine to Jakarta port.

automatic wire hanger making machine
automatic wire hanger making machine

Why did the customer buy the hanger machine from Shuliy?

  1. We provide thorough service. We confirm the machine model, hanger shape, length, raw material of the hanger, port, etc. to the customer. We will also provide customers with comprehensive information about the automatic wire hanger-making machine.
  2. Complete models of wire hanger machines for sale. Our hanger machines can make hangers of various shapes and raw materials. We can meet the various needs of our customers.
  3. One year after-sales service. We will provide a one-year after-sales service for all machines.
  4. Rich export experience and high-quality cloth hanger making machine. We have exported hanger machines to many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Mexico, and so on. All of them are loved by our customers.

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