Classification and characteristics of the hanger

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At present, hangers have become one of the indispensable functional products in contemporary life, and they have a very important role in people’s lives. So what are the types of hangers in total? What are their characteristics?

Classification of hangers

According to the user’s gender, it can be divided into men’s hangers and women’s hangers

According to the age of use can be divided into adult hangers, children’s hangers and infant hangers

It can be divided into suit hangers, casual clothes hangers, underwear hangers, pants hangers, etc.

According to the material of the hanger, it can be divided into the plastic hanger, wood hanger, metal hanger, cloth hanger, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of various types of hangers

This article introduces the advantages and disadvantages of each hanger by material classification.

Plastic hangers


1. Low cost and easy to make.

2. The hangers are rich in color, and users have more choices.

3. Lightweight and easy to carry.

4. Prolonged contact with water is not easy to produce rust.


1. Limited bearing weight, which easily deforms or breaks when carrying heavy clothes.

2. After long-term use, the gloss will decrease.

3. Plastic products are easy to pollute the environment.

Wooden hanger

wood hanger
wood hanger


1. Beautiful appearance, giving a feeling of elegance, close to nature.

2. A unique wooden texture brings a different user experience.

3. The material has no pollution to the environment.


1. Higher production costs

2. Prolonged contact with water easily cracks or deforms.

3. Improper storage is prone to mold.

Cloth hanger

cloth hanger
cloth hanger


1. Soft-touch, not easy to damage clothes.

2. Gives a stylish, warm and lovely feel.

3. The shoulder of a suit shirt is not easily deformed by gravity.


1. Limited use range

2. Not easy to clean after soiling.

Metal hanger


1. Strong and durable.

2. It can withstand heavy clothing without deformation.

3. The unique luster of metal gives a stylish feel.


1. Heavyweight is not easy to carry.

2. The end is easy to scratch the body.

3. The cost is average.

In summary, at present, the price of metal hangers is relatively high, and the appearance of plastic hangers is the most. The hanger maker machine produced by our factory can produce a large number of hangers in a short time, bringing you more results with less effort.

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