Coat hanger machine sold to Saudi Arabia

Coat hanger machine is able to make clothes hangers of different sizes and specifications by using different wires.
coat making machine
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Coat hanger machine is able to make clothes hangers of different sizes and specifications by using different wires of galvanized wire and PVC wire. A hanger is a consumable product that people often use in their daily life. The demand for this product is high and the consumption is fast. Therefore, it has become common to use hanger machines to make hangers.

The use of hangers brings profit to the user as well as provides the consumer with an ample supply of usable hangers. We produce both individual hanger machines and hanger making machine lines.

Details about the coat hanger machine order

Our customer, from Saudi Arabia, sent us an inquiry for a hanger machine. After that our sales manager communicated with the customer on WhatsApp. At first, our customer confirmed the style of the hanger machine and understood that it was the first time the customer to buy the machine. The sales manager then sent the customer the parameters and price of the machine. The customer indicated that the price was within his budget. After that, we confirmed the customer’s port. After that, we confirmed with the customer the material of the hanger of the machine and the diameter of the hanger wire. Finally, the customer placed an order for one machine.

high speed hanger making machine
high speed hanger making machine

Questions about the hanger making machine in the communication process

  1. What material do you want to use to make the hanger?
    Pvc and galvanized iron wire. No problem, our machine can use both materials.
  2. What is the general diameter of the wire?
    The wire diameter can be 1.8-2.8mm, generally, we use 1.8-2.2mm wire.
  3. What is the voltage you need?
    220v, 50hz, three-phase.
  4. How long does it take for the machine to be manufactured?
    The production time is about 20 working days
  5. After the machine is finished, can you send me some samples of the hanger?
    Yes, after the machine is finished, we will use the machine to make some hanger samples and ship them to you together with the machine.
cloth hanger forming machine
cloth hanger forming machine

Parameters of the cloth hanger making machine

Power     1.5kw
cloth hanger making machine’s parameter

What are the causes of hanger machine failure?

  1. The first step is to check the mechanical failure of the main motor running circuit of the steel wire forming machine. For example, release the emergency pause button, loose cable alignment, 24 V control power, etc.
  2. Mechanical failure of the relevant components of the main motor running parts, such as thermal relay, disconnector, DC contactor, and other over-voltage protection or damage.
  3. Power supply problems.
coat hanger machine
coat hanger machine

How to maintain the hanger machine?

  1. Tools, workpieces, and accessories are neatly arranged. Safety protection devices are complete. Lines and pipes are complete.
  2. Clean the inside and outside of the equipment. The sliding surface, screw, gear, and rack are free of oil and dents. No oil, water, gas, or electricity leakage in all parts. Chip waste is cleaned up.
  3. Oil is added and changed on time, and the oil quality meets the requirements. The oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, oilcloth, and oil circuit are clean and complete, with bright oil stains and a smooth oil circuit.
    Implement the system of sending people, sending machines, and changing shifts. Operators should be familiar with the structure of the equipment, comply with the operating procedures, reasonable use of equipment, and careful maintenance of equipment, to prevent accidents.

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