PVC coat hanger machine sold to Saudi Arabia

The customer purchased a PVC coat hanger machine plus 5 tons of glued wire. This model machine is specially used to make PVC hangers.
coat hanger machine
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The customer purchased a PVC coat hanger machine plus 5 tons of glued wire. This type of hanger machine is specially used to make PVC hangers. In addition to this type of hanger machine, we also have a hanger machine specially made of galvanized wire hangers. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Why do customers need to buy a coat hanger machine?

The client has a hanger manufacturing plant. Recently, due to the long service life of the customer’s clothes hanger making machine, the machine is worn out and cannot produce clothes hangers. So I want to purchase a new hanger machine.

coat hanger machine
coat hanger machine

Details of the customer purchasing the cloth hanger making machine

Saudi customers contact us from Alibaba. Afterward, we communicated with the machines via WhatsApp. In the beginning, the customer said that he needed a galvanized wire hanger machine. We also confirmed with the customer, the shape of the hanger. Later, the customer also asked about the PVC hanger machine, and we provided the information about the coat hanger machine to the customer. After comparison, the customer finally decided to buy a PVC coat hanger machine and add another 5 tons of glued wire. Then, we confirmed the details of the machine and the port for shipping.

Payment and shipping of wire hanger-making machine

The customer paid a 30% deposit first, and we started to prepare the PVC coat hanger machine after receiving the deposit. After all the content is sorted out, we will notify the customer to check. After everything is correct, the customer will make the final payment. Then we start packing and shipping the hanger machine to Dammam Seaport.

Why do customers buy our hanger hook making machine?

  1. In addition to making hangers of different materials, our hanger machine can also make hangers of different shapes. Therefore, the needs of many different customers can be met.
  2. The hanger machine is of high quality. We have been committed to manufacturing clothes hangers since our establishment. Excellence in many aspects, so our clothes hanger machine has less maintenance and is supported by many customers.
  3. We will provide customers with comprehensive machine information so that customers can buy with confidence.
    We will do our best to help customers solve various problems during the whole process of customers purchasing machines.

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