Custom hanger machine shipped to Saudi Arabia

Good news! We ship another custom hanger machine to Saudi Arabia. The hanger forming machine with a PLC system
Custom hanger machine
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Good news! We ship another custom hanger machine to Saudi Arabia. The hanger forming machine with a PLC system, which is more convenient to operate and debug.

The communication process with custom hanger machine customer

  1. Firstly we receive an inquiry about the wire hanger manufacturing equipment from the customer. And we confirm the raw material and shape of the hanger to the customer.
  2. Then we send the parameters, video, and pictures of the custom hanger machine to the customer. As well as the packing and shipping picture of the hanger we send to other countries.
  3. After that, the customer confirmed the shape of his hanger, the material of the hanger is galvanized wire and PVC wire. And as a professional hanger machine supplier, we recommended a suitable hanger making machine model to the customer.
  4. Next, we discussed how to pay. The customer decided to pay by T/T. The deposit of 40% was paid first.
  5. Finally, when we received the deposit, we prepared the hanger machine for the customer.
Custom hanger machine
Custom hanger machine

What questions about the hanger forming machine customer care?

1. Can our wire hanger manufacturing equipment meet the shape you need?

After we received the pictures of hanger shapes from customers, we confirmed that we can make both types of hangers. Because we can customize the hanger machine’s molds for various shapes. And the custom hanger machine can help customers make hangers with high efficiency. Our hanger machine can achieve the purpose of making many shapes of hangers with different molds.

2. How long does it take to reach the port of Jeddah?

It takes about 35 days.

3. What is the after-sales service?

We provide a one-year warranty. In addition, we will also provide lifetime free online consulting services.

hanger forming machine
hanger forming machine

Custom hanger machine technical information

Raw materialGalvanized wire&PVC wire One Extra mold
Custom hanger machine parameter

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