Hanger Coating Booth Sold to India

In July this year, we received an Indian customer's quotation about our hanger powder coating spray booth. Here are the case details.
hanger coating booth India
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The hanger coating booth includes a spray gun and plastic powder recycling booth. It often matches with a wire hanger machine. In July this year, we received an Indian customer’s quotation about our hanger powder coating spray booth. Here are the case details.

What are the Indian customer requirements for the hanger powder coating spray booth?

In July, we received a customer’s inquiry about a hanger coating booth from India. He has a small hanger production plant, with hanger making machines. He used to spray hangers manually, so the work efficacy is not very satisfying. Since the demands for hangers are increasing, the customer also wants to enlarge the scale of his hanger processing plant.

And then when he searched the hanger coating spray machines on Google, he found our website and left his demands for hanger coating machines. When our sales staff communicated with the customer, we learned the customer’s requirements and recommended a high-voltage electrostatic spray gun and Plastic powder recycling booth. Finally, the customer ordered 5 sets of hanger coating machines.

In the communication with customers, we also encounter some questions from customers about our hanger coating booth. As the auxiliary machinery of hanger machine, the sales staff introduced the features of the hanger coating machine.

hanger powder coating spray booth India
hanger powder coating spray booth India

Advantages of hanger coating booth

  • Scope of application: coating of workpiece surface/primer, PU paint, UV paint, etc. It has a wide range of uses, strong applicability, high productivity, stable quality, and efficient spraying.
  • The workpiece is suitable for spraying on the plane square, plane circle, three-dimensional square, three-dimensional circle, polygon, etc.
  • The spraying effect completely replaces manual spraying and improves the quality of profitable products.
  • Independent research and development of fully enclosed modular sliding table; using Taiwan imported guide rails, running smoothly. In addition, the belt adopts the steel wire synchronous belt of the Italian “Megadian” brand, which has a fast transmission speed and a long service life.
  • Japan’s Panasonic servo motor drive can achieve high speed, precise positioning, and precise control of the spray gun running track, with uniform paint film thickness.
  • The system can be equipped with 1-2 spray guns, each gun can be arbitrarily adjusted to open and close, a variety of spraying modes, continuous operation.
  • The turntable adopts a double-disc exchange structure; the structure is simple and durable, and the exterior is made of stainless steel and sealed, so as to completely avoid the pollution of the motor surface caused by the paint rebound.
  • PLC touch screen control system, English man-machine interface, simple and clear operation, can grasp the working status of the machine at any time; can set up a variety of types and specifications of production technology; easy to learn and easy to use.
  • The combination of unique mechanical structure and perfect circuit makes the overall performance of the machine more stable.
  • It can be operated continuously for 24 hours, and the return on investment is fast.

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