Hanger Maker Machine Successfully Exported to Saudi Arabia

hanger maker machine
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The hanger maker machine is a very practical device, which can cut the iron wire into various shapes of hangers in a short time. One month ago we received an inquiry from a customer in Saudi Arabia asking us about the hanger making machine.

Why choose the hanger maker machine as a startup project?

First, budget costs are low.

At present, there are many different entrepreneurial projects in the market. Although some projects are good, they often require a large amount of startup capital. For those just starting a business, it may not be that much money to invest from the start. The manufacturing and production of hangers only need one machine and do not need a complete production line. Not only that, but the cost of this machine is also very low. Depending on the output, the price of this cloth hanger machine is between 3000-5500 US dollars. Compared to that equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars, investing in such small projects has less operating pressure.


If you have money later, you can gradually buy spray equipment, ovens, and other equipment to make more types of hangers.

Second, cost recovery is fast.

One ton of galvanized iron wire can produce 36,000 hangers. This machine can make 20-40 hangers in one minute and can work continuously. Such a high output can guarantee customers to recover costs in a very short time. Not only that, after the hangers are manufactured, there is no need for secondary processing, and they can be directly packed and sold. Greatly save the time consumed.

Finally, hangers are a necessity for social life.

Clothing, food, and house are the four major necessities of people’s lives. The low price and convenient use method of the clothes hanger make it a necessity for every household, and no one does not use the clothes hanger. If there is a need, there is a market, so the market potential of the hanger machine is still huge. Choosing to invest in the hanger industry is a wise choice.

wooded packing hanger making machine
wooded packing hanger making machine

Shipping for customers

When our sales manager Selina received the customer’s request, she immediately contacted the customer. She and the customer discussed in detail the size of the hanger, the diameter of the wire, the payment method, and other issues. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of our machine and the sales price. Customers stated that they would come to us when they needed other machines in the future.

The key to making an order

Here I say that mutual trust between us is the key to success. We are far away from our customers, but the key to successful cooperation is mutual trust. We have encountered a variety of customers, some contacted us on the first day and placed an order the next day, and some even paid by typing and chatting through WhatsApp without a call. Of course, we have also encountered customers who have been inspecting and testing us, and let us issue CE certificates and business licenses. In any case, we all understand, I want to say that as long as you trust us, we will not let you down.

Why do customers buy hanger maker machine from us ?

1. Excellent machine quality.

2. Rich machine development experience.

3. Reasonable prices.

4. Thoughtful service.

5. Proper recommendation.

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