2 Sets of Hanger Molding Machines Shipped to Jordan

A Jordanian dry cleaning service company chose to purchase two hanger molding machines to meet its needs for hanging and storing washed clothes.
cloth hanger forming machine
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In the middle of this month, our factory completed the manufacturing and packaging of two sets of hanger molding machines for shipment to Jordan. The customer is a Jordanian company that provides dry cleaning and laundry services and needs hangers for hanging and storing washed clothes.

Reason for purchasing the machine

The customer learned about our hanger machine by watching a video posted on our YouTube channel, which showed feedback videos of our regular customers using the machine. He was attracted by the performance and quality of the finished product and contacted us. The video is shown below:

Learn more about this machine by clicking: HIGH-SPEED HANGER MACHINE.

Hanger molding machine details

The hanger forming machine is capable of producing standardized hangers quickly and efficiently. The option of purchasing two machines to meet the needs of our customer’s large-scale laundry service improves productivity and product quality. At the same time, the machine is simple and easy to use, suitable for all kinds of laundry service scenarios.

This customer from Jordan feedbacks that our hanger molding manufacturing machine has high production efficiency and excellent quality of finished products, which meets their production needs and expresses their satisfaction and trust in our company.

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