Routine Maintenance of Automatic Wire Hanger Making Machine

wire clothe hanger making equipment
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At present, mechanization has greatly facilitated our lives and has greatly helped our lives. There are many types of mechanical products, and automatic wire hanger making machines are one of them. But no matter how good the mechanical products are, they need to be maintained in daily use. Now let’s talk about the maintenance of this machine.

 “Four Requirements” for Automatic Wire Hanger Making Machine Maintenance

(1) Neat: The tools, workpieces, and accessories are neatly placed. Complete safety protection devices; complete pipelines.

(2) Cleaning: The inside and outside of the hanger machine are cleaned; all sliding surfaces and lead screws, gears, racks, etc. are free of oil and have no injuries. No oil, water, gas, or electricity leaks from all parts; clean the chips and garbage.

(3) Lubrication: add oil and change oil on time, and the oil quality meets the requirements. Oil cans, oil guns, oil cups, linoleum, and oil lines are clean and complete.

(4) Safety: Familiar with equipment structure and abiding by operating procedures. Proper use of this automatic wire hanger making machine, the careful maintenance of equipment. Because it can prevent accidents.

Contents of Automatic Wire Hanger Making Machine Maintenance Management

Equipment maintenance includes routine maintenance and regular maintenance. According to maintenance methods, it has general maintenance, regional maintenance, and key equipment maintenance. In addition, maintenance work usually includes on-site management and maintenance work, including inspection, adjustment, lubrication, disassembly, and repair and replacement.

Equipment Area Maintenance

Regional maintenance is a post-responsibility system that can enhance equipment maintenance management of production services and motivate maintenance personnel.

The Maintenance Tasks Are:

A: The daily maintenance personnel will check the installation level and accuracy of the equipment in the responsible area, and make detailed records for archive inspection.

B. For precision equipment with special requirements on the environment (constant temperature, constant humidity, vibration resistance, and dust resistance), the enterprise must take corresponding measures to ensure that it does not affect the accuracy and performance of the equipment.


C. During routine maintenance, do not disassemble precision, rare and important equipment, especially optical components. When disassembly must be performed, it should be performed by professional maintenance personnel. If an abnormality is found during the operation of the equipment, the operation shall be stopped immediately, and malfunction operation shall not be allowed.

D. Operate strictly in accordance with the processing range specified in the equipment instruction manual. Do not use equipment that exceeds specifications, weight, overload, and pressure. Precision equipment can only be used directly for processing, and the machining allowance must be reasonable.

E. Use the equipment’s lubricating materials, wiping materials, and cleaning agents strictly in accordance with the instructions, and do not replace them at will. The lubricant must pass the test and must be filtered before being added to the tank.

F. During non-working hours, precision and rare equipment should be equipped with protective covers. If you stop for a long time, wipe it regularly, lubricate and dry it.

G. Equipment accessories and special tools should have a special rack capacity. It must be kept clean to prevent rust. And you can’t use it for other purposes.

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