High speed hanger making machine sold to United Arab Emirates

A high-speed hanger-making machine can make clothes hangers out of raw materials of linear shape. It can produce various kinds of hangers.
High speed hanger making machine

A high-speed hanger-making machine can make clothes hangers out of raw materials of linear shape. The cloth hanger machine can produce various kinds of hangers with different shapes and specifications. The hanger machine uses an automatic numerical control machine tool, with precise line feeding, stable operation, and low noise.

And it can complete the human-machine exchange, and one piece of equipment can produce and manufacture many kinds of hangers. At the same time, one worker can manage 2-4 sets of equipment, which can save your manpower.

Detailed information about the hanger making machine order

Our customer is from UAE. He came to our website through search because he needed a hanger machine. By browsing the website the customer sent us an inquiry. Our sales manager contacted the customer immediately. Through communication, we learned that the customer has a small hanger manufacturing plant. The customer needed to purchase a new hanger machine to replace the equipment.

During the whole communication process, we solved the customer’s concerns in time. We also provided the customer with various videos, pictures, and parameters. The customer was very satisfied with our thorough service and professional street. Finally placed an order for a hanger machine. We also have hanger machine production line, customers can choose according to their needs.

What issues that customers are more concerned about cloth hanger making machine?

1. Can the hanger making machine handle 1.7mm diameter iron wire?

We recommend that the diameter of the wire should preferably be 1.8-2.8mm. 1.7mm can also be made.

2. How about the hanger making machine’s quality? How long is g?
Our machines have been sold to various countries for many years and our customers are satisfied with the quality of the machines. We will provide lifelong online guidance service after the customer places an order.

The quality guarantee period is one year. Failures caused by the machine itself and quality reasons are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Other failures caused by operation errors, human problems, etc., are the responsibility of the customer.

3. Can you arrange for an engineer to come to the local area to install the machine?
Yes, we can.

4. Can I get a discount on the price of the machine?
The prices we give are the best prices, customers do not have to worry about our prices are too high.

Parameters of high speed hanger making machine

PVC coated wire2.8-3.6mm
Galvanized wire1.8-2.8mm
Wire feeding stand2HP
Hanger size13-14cm children/15-19cm Adults
Net weight750KG
Machine size1800L*800W*1650Hmm
high speed hanger making machine’s parameter

Daily maintenance of hanger making machine

 1, After the high speed hanger making machine is placed in the production plant, it should have sufficient grounding wire device.
 2, Regularly add oil and grease. Refueling parts are mainly playing roll, wire feed box, and transmission gear and other parts. And refueling can be a long time to keep the mechanical wear parts on the lubrication of oil. Usually a week to check a back grease.
 3, Before the end of each day, the staff should scrub the surface of the high speed hanger making machine and equipment neatly. If not cleaned for a long time, the accumulation of oil stains, there will be a change in circuit parameters. The long time corrosion of dust will also make the surface layer of machinery and equipment aging.
 4, Try not to produce more than the standard wire diameter products, to avoid reducing the accuracy of the equipment. Wire forming machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry location to avoid moisture rust or damage to the circuit.

A high-speed hanger-making machine can make clothes hangers out of raw materials of linear shape. It can produce various kinds of hangers.
high speed hanger making machine

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