How to maintain the hanger?

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Hangers are must-have daily necessities for every household. We need hangers when we dry clothes. At present, there are various kinds of hangers, cloth hangers, metal hangers, wooden hangers, etc. And the dip hanger is the most commonly used one.

Dip hanger is a new type of hanger made by thermoplastic dipping. Dip hangers are popular in today’s market because of the rich sources of production materials, cheap prices, and non-toxicity. So what better ways for us to maintain the hangers in our lives? What are the maintenance methods of cloth hanger? The following is the introduction of the hanger machine factory for us.

First of all, the use and maintenance are closely related, and proper use during production is a part of the maintenance. So from the daily use precautions of dipping plastic hangers, it can play a good role in maintenance.

The manufacturing process of the plastic wrapping hanger is a simple process product in which metal wire is processed into the base of the hanger. And plastic particles are sprayed on the outer layer of the metal, it is used in daily life.


Maintenance Methods of Clothes Hanger

Starting from the properties of the inner wire, different plastic-impregnated hangers are suitable for drying different clothes because of their different load-bearing capabilities. For some dipped plastic hangers with thin metal wires, it is suitable for drying small clothes. And the type of dipped plastic hangers that are thick at the touch, because of their thick texture and high load-bearing capacity. They are relatively heavy in drying coats, etc. When you wear clothes, you don’t have to worry about deformation or paint loss.

In addition, when storing unused plastic hangers, pay attention to drying in a cool place, do not expose them to the sun every day to prevent peeling and paint peeling.

In daily life, paying attention to the user details of some products will have a lot of unexpected results. The use and maintenance of dip hangers are also the same, and some small details will be rewarded.

After we understand the maintenance methods of hangers, we need to carry out good maintenance work on hangers in the future. So we can better extend the service life of hangers. For more information about this, please pay more attention to our website. Shuliy hanger equipment factory is engaged in the production of wholesale hangers and hangers machines. Welcome to inquire.

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