How to properly maintain the clothes hanger machine?

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Clothes Hanger machines are relatively rare in our lives. But hangers are something we need to touch every day, and there is also a great demand in each of us. Hangers are also made by machines. With the development of our modern technology, we also touch with a lot of machines in our lives. We all know that there are certain things that need attention when using machinery. Our fully automatic hanger machine is the same. Let’s take a look at what matters need attention.

Precautions for use of fully automatic hanger machine

Correct device placement

After the machine is placed in the workshop, the ground wire needs to be grounded. During the transportation process, the manufacturer will place a wooden floor on the bottom of the machine. After receiving the machine, the wooden board needs to be removed and rubber pads must be installed. The purpose of this is to prevent the machine from shaking during the production process.

Regularly add oil and butter

The refueling positions are mainly parts such as the straightening system, the wire feeding box, and the transmission gear. To ensure that the running-in place of the machine has long-term lubricating oil, generally check the butter once a week.

Clean the wire forming machine regularly

Every day before work, the staff needs to wipe and clean the appearance of the machine. If it is not cleaned for a long time and oil is accumulated, there may be changes in circuit parameters and long-term corrosion of dust, which will age the appearance of the machine and affect its appearance

cloth hanger
cloth hanger

Correct operation and use

Pay special attention to Do not producing products beyond the diameter range as much as possible, so as not to reduce the accuracy of the equipment. The hanger molding machine needs to be placed in a ventilated and dry environment to avoid moisture and rust or damage to the circuit.

Parameter of hanger forming machine

According to the type of hanger forming machine, it can be divided into twist hanger forming machines and welding hanger forming machine. The former uses the power of the asynchronous torsion bar to firmly tighten the head and tail of the hanger. The welding-type hanger forming machine welds the ends of the clothes hanger machine together.

Capacity 1620-1680 pcs/hr
P.V.C  Coated Wire2.8mm~3.6mm
Galvanized Wire 1.8mm~2.2mm
Motor 2HP
Wire feeding stand 2HP
Hanger size13-14cm children / 15-19cm Adults
Net weight 750KG
Machine size 1800L*800W*1650Hmm

As shown in the figure, you can produce 13-14cm children’s clothes hanger and 15-19cm adult hanger. You can debug them according to your own needs. The size of P.V.C  coated wire should be 2.8mm-3.6mm, the size o galvanized wire should be 1.8-2.2mm. The machine size is 1800L*800W*1650H(mm). Please consider these factors when purchasing the hanger machine. If you have any questions about the clothes hanger machine, please feel free to contact us.

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