Another Industrial Wire Forming Hanger Machine Successfully Shipped To Uganda

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Shuliy company’s recycling-type machines have always been popular worldwide, and we have recently made several deals with customers. Recently, another of our metal-based recycling machines, the industrial wire forming hanger machine, accompanied by a hanger powder spraying machine, was successfully shipped to Uganda.

Customer Background Introduction

Our client, based in Uganda, is a diversified business that recycles and reuses metal materials. They have been looking for a solution that can efficiently process scrap metal coat hangers to better manage resources and protect the environment.

Industrial Wire Forming Hanger Machine Benefits

  • Efficient processing capacity: The hanger machine can process a large number of metal hangers in a short period of time.
  • Cost savings: By automating the hanger handling process, the cloth hanger hook-making machine helps to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.
  • Customisability: Some wire bending machines can be customized to suit different sizes and types of metal hangers according to specific customer needs.
  • Wide range of applications: This wire hanger equipment can be used to process a wide range of metal hangers, including steel, aluminum, etc., and thus has a wide range of applications in different industries and settings, such as metal recycling factories, waste disposal centers, etc.

Hanger Machine For Sale Price and Usage

Our industrial wire forming hanger machines are competitively priced, providing customers with a viable metal recycling solution. This hanger machine is primarily used to compress and process metal hangers into recyclable material, which is vital for metal recycling businesses.

Our company has exported our metal-based recycling machines to more than 40 countries, including Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, India, the USA, Ghana, Malaysia, Cote d’Ivoire, Russia, Peru, Angola, etc. For more detailed information about the machine and technical parameters, etc., please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you within 24 and send you a quotation.

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