Metal hanger machine-Characteristics and maintenance methods

Our metal hanger machines have been sold to multiple countries, helping many customers embark on new ventures in hanger production.
Metal hanger machine
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Our metal hanger machines have been sold to multiple countries, helping many customers embark on new ventures in hanger production. Below are the key features of these machines and the maintenance methods that users should pay attention to.

Characteristics of metal hanger machine

  1. High production efficiency: These metal hanger machines utilize automated production processes, enabling the efficient production of a large number of hangers and significantly increasing productivity.
  2. Strong stability: Equipped with reliable mechanical structures and electrical control systems, these coat hanger machines ensure stable operation and reduce the risk of malfunctions.
  3. Customizability: Our galvanized wire hanger making machines are designed with adjustable and customizable features, allowing for the production of hangers in different shapes and sizes based on specific customer requirements.
  4. User-friendly operation: The design of these hanger-making machines ensures user-friendliness with straightforward and intuitive operation interfaces.
  5. Space-saving: These machines have a compact structure, occupying relatively small floor space, making them suitable for various sizes of production workshops.
Metal hanger machine
Metal hanger machine

Maintenance methods for coat hanger machine

  1. Cleaning: Regularly clean the machines, removing dust and foreign particles to keep the surfaces clean and in optimal condition.
  2. Lubrication: Follow the maintenance manual to apply lubricating oil to key components at regular intervals, reducing wear and tear on the metal hanger machine.
  3. Periodic Inspection: Conduct routine inspections to check for loose or worn-out electrical components, transmission systems, and mechanical connections, performing maintenance and replacements as needed.
  4. Dust and moisture prevention: Store the wire hanger machines in dry and well-ventilated areas, protecting them from exposure to rainwater and extreme temperatures.
  5. Operator training: Ensure that operators receive proper training to operate the metal hanger machines correctly, preventing operational errors that may lead to equipment malfunctions.
  6. Safety precautions: When using the coat hanger machines, strictly follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate protective gear, and prevent accidents.
coat hanger machine
Coat hanger machine

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