Plastic Coated Wire Hanger Machine Sent to Yemen

Our company has successfully delivered a plastic coated wire hanger machine to Yemeni high-class hotel to meet its high standard of neat and orderly management of guest rooms.
plastic wire hanger making machine
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Last month, our company’s plastic coated wire hanger machine successfully served a hotel in Yemen, improving the level of guest room cleanliness and management.

Customer background and needs

Our company recently successfully delivered an advanced clothes plastic coated wire hanger machine to a high-end hotel in Yemen. This hotel is famous for its luxurious service and high-quality guest room experience, so it has high requirements for the clean and orderly management of the guest rooms.

During the initial communication, we learned that the customer needed an efficient hanger machine to handle a large number of guest room clothes and ensure that the clothes in the guest room were neat and orderly.

plastic coated wire hanger machine
plastic coated wire hanger machine

Benefits of plastic coated wire hanger machine

Our company’s hanger making machine not only has an efficient production capacity but also can produce high-quality hangers, which are suitable for high-end hotels’ requirements for guest room cleanliness management.

In communicating with customers, we emphasized the production efficiency and production quality of the machine to ensure that it can meet the high standards of cleanliness in guest rooms required by high-end hotels.

Detailed plans to meet customer requirements

Given the customer’s pursuit of cleanliness in the guest room, we provide the customer with a detailed plan, including detailed instructions on the machine’s technical parameters, production process, maintenance, etc.

In the process of formulating the plan, we fully considered the appearance requirements of the hotels for the hangers to ensure that the hangers produced conform to the hotel’s brand image.

cloth hanger machine for sale
cloth hanger machine for sale

Field inspection and experience sharing

  • To enhance customers’ confidence in our company’s products, we invite customers to visit our company to inspect the field testing machines.
  • Through on-site inspections, customers witnessed the production process and operation of the plastic coated wire hanger machine with their own eyes.
  • Our team of engineers demonstrated the use and precautions of the machine in detail and shared some suggestions to ensure that customers can maximize the use of this machine.

After customers purchase, we provide them with a full range of training and after-sales services to ensure that customers can use the machine proficiently and achieve the best production efficiency.

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