Shipping plastic hanger making machine to Saudi Arabia

plastic hanger making machine
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Good news! A customer from Saudi Arabia bought a TZYJ-800 plastic hanger making machine from us. We produce several different models of hanger machines. They have different outputs and the shape of the hangers they make. We will introduce the right hanger machine to our customers according to their needs.

Reasons for customers to buy plastic hanger making machine

The customer needs to buy a plastic hanger making machine for their company. Their company is specialized in manufacturing clothes hangers. Since the previous equipment was old, they urgently needed a new hanger machine to maintain their company’s hanger production.

plastic hanger making machine
plastic hanger making machine

Communicating process for purchasing a wire coat hanger making machine

The customer searched our hanger machine website and sent us an inquiry after browsing. We receive the inquiry from the customer and reply immediately. Then we confirm the shape of the hanger that we need from the customer. After confirming, we then confirm the output of the hanger. At the same time, we send the pictures, videos, and parameters of the automatic wire hanger making machine to the customer. The customer finally confirmed that the TZYJ-800 meets his needs. So we make the PI of the machine and send it to the customer. The customer decided to buy a plastic hanger making machine.

Payment and shipping of the automatic wire hanger making machine

The payment was made by the customer through the Alibaba link we drafted. Since the model was in stock, we arranged to pack and ship the machine as soon as we received the payment from the customer. We packed the plastic hanger making machine in wooden boxes and shipped the hanger machine to the customer’s freight forwarder.

Why did the customer buy Shuliy’s hanger machine?

  1. Complete range of machine models. We have different production capacities for hanger machines. At the same time, our hanger machines can produce various styles to meet the needs of our customers.
  2. Complete service. We will introduce the machine, confirm the machine model, answer the customer’s question, etc. We will actively communicate with the customer and solve the problem.
  3. One year after-sales service. Within one year of receiving the machine, we will help customers to solve various mechanical problems.
plastic hanger making machine
plastic hanger making machine

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