Precautions for using hangers

hangers made by hanger making machin e
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Wire hanger making machine can manufacture all kinds of hangers of different shapes and sizes. And the commercial hanger machine adopts turbine rotation, which is fast, and its output can produce 30-40 pieces per minute. The applicable wire diameter of the wire hanger making machine is 1.8-3.0mm. The voltage of the commercial hanger machine is three-phase 380V or two-phase 220V. And its wire feeding accuracy can be controlled within 0.1-0.5mm. Therefore, our hanger machine can produce all kinds of high-quality hangers. However, no matter how good the hanger is, if you don’t follow the instructions, it will also lead to a decrease in its service life.

Precautions for using clothes hangers

In addition to understanding the production process of the hanger, the commercial hanger machine manufacturer also needs to understand the use effect of the produced hanger. Only in this way can we understand customer needs and better sell our own hangers.

wire hanger making machine for sale
wire hanger making machine for sale
  1. Avoid letting the hanger bear heavier clothes
    When the hanger bears heavy clothes, it is likely to deform or break. The hanger itself has a low bearing capacity and can only bear the weight of ordinary clothes. If it is too heavy, the hanger will not be able to support it, which will cause damage to the hanger and no longer use it.
  2. Try to avoid wearing the skin of the hanger
    The surface of the hanger is generally soft and easily worn out. When the surface of the hanger is worn, it will affect the gloss and appearance of the hanger. And it is also easy to rust. When the hanger is worn or even rusted, it will continue to be used to dry the clothes. Because it will cause the rust stains on the hanger to stain the clothes and damage the clothes.
  3. Try to avoid excessive contact between the hanger and water
    Ordinary iron wire clothes hanger is easy to corrode in case of water, so try to avoid the contact between clothes hanger and water. Although the rubberized coat hanger is protected by a plastic coating, its skin is prone to rust when exposed to water. When you usually use a hanger to dry clothes, try to dry out the moisture as much as possible.

What is the advantages of Shuliy wire hanger making machine?

Commercial hanger machines are stable in operation, with no vibration, no noise, simple operations. Ordinary female workers can operate and produce, which can save manpower and material resources for enterprises, and bring high-quality, high-efficiency production effects and economic benefits.

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