Profitability analysis of hanger making machine

the hanger making machine
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The emergence of machinery and equipment has greatly facilitated people’s lives, and the emergence of hanger machines has also accelerated the efficiency of the factory to produce hangers. In the past, when people made hangers, it was difficult to control the bending position of the hangers, which resulted in asymmetry on both sides of the hangers they made. The existence of Shuliy hangers completely solves such problems.

Parameters of the hanger machine:

Capacity 1620-1680 pcs/hr
P.V.C  Coated Wire2.8mm~3.6mm
Galvanized Wire 1.8mm~2.2mm
Motor 2HP
Wire feeding stand 2HP
Hanger size13-14cm children / 15-19cm Adults
Net weight 750KG
Machine size 1800L*800W*1650Hmm

How did people make hangers in the past?

It can be said that in ancient China, the common method of drying clothes was to pull a rope apart and fasten it, and then spread the washed clothes on the rope and wait for the air to dry naturally. The modern way of drying clothes is to place the clothes on a hanger and then hang them on a rope or clothesline.

Although hanging clothes on a hanger take a few steps more than hanging clothes directly on a rope, the advantage of doing so is that it saves space for hanging clothes, and in addition, it can reduce the wrinkles of clothes.

final product
final product

How efficient is the production of the Shuliy hanger making machine?

The hanger machine can produce 25-40 hangers in one minute. According to the minimum production volume, 25 can be produced in one minute, and 1,500 hangers can be produced in one hour. We work 8 hours a day and can produce 12,000 hangers a day. It can be seen that with just a small machine, the number of hangers produced per day can easily exceed 10,000.

Profit analysis of hanger machine:

At present, the price of one ton of galvanized iron wire on the market is about 5,000-6,000 yuan. Based on the highest price, the price of one ton of raw materials is 6,000 yuan. According to statistics, one ton of iron wire can make 36,000 hangers. The price of a hanger is at least 0.4 yuan, and then the hangers made of one ton of iron wire can be sold for 36000 * 0.4 = 15840RMB.

The gross profit of the hanger made by one ton of wire is 15840-6000 = 9840RMB, minus labor cost, electricity cost, site cost, and net profit can reach 7000 yuan

A machine can produce 12,000 hangers a day, then one ton of iron wire can be processed in three days, and the number of iron wires processed in a month can reach 30 ÷ 3 = 10 tons, and the net profit for a month is 10 * 7000 = 70000 RMB. This gain is still considerable.

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