Customer from Yemen bought two SLPT-400 cloth hanger making machines

cloth hanger making machine
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A customer from Yemen bought two SLPT-400 cloth hanger making machines from us. This machine is a fully automatic machine and can make various types of hangers. We also have other models of hanger making machines that can make different types of hangers. Our wire hanger making machine is a must for hanger manufacturers because of its good quality and high efficiency.

The process of purchasing cloth hanger making machines by customers

The customer sends us an inquiry by viewing the case of our cloth hanger making machine sold to Saudi Arabia. After receiving the message from the customer, our sales manager Helen immediately communicated with the customer. The customer first asked us about the price, parameters, and video of the coat hanger machine. We first sent the customer a video of the hanger making machine and then confirmed the shape of the hanger needed.

The customer said that he wanted a fully automatic machine that could make a variety of hanger shapes. Therefore, we recommended the SLPT-400 cloth hanger making machine to the customer. After consideration, the customer decided to purchase two wire hanger making machines.

cloth hanger making machine
cloth hanger making machine

Payment and shipping of the wire hanger making machine

The customer paid the 30% deposit in RMB. After that, we started to make the machine, and when it was finished, we informed the customer to accept it. After the customer inspected the machines and paid the final payment, we arranged the shipping of the hanger machines. Since the customer had a freight forwarder in China, we shipped the machine directly to Qingdao port.

wire hanger making machine
wire hanger making machine

What are the customer’s concerns about the wire hanger machine for sale?

  1. Our loth hanger making machine can make both galvanized and PVC material hangers. Also can make different shapes of hangers.
  2. Customers can make different shapes of hangers by changing molds.
  3. In general, galvanized wire is 1.8-2.8mm, and Pvc wire is 3.8mm -4mm.
  4. A common hanger length is about 40cm, one hanger cost 107cm.
wire hanger machine for sale
wire hanger machine for sale

What are the reasons why customers choose Shuliy’s automatic wire hanger making machine?

  1. The cloth hanger making machines manufactured by Shuliy are well-sold in many countries. At present, our hanger machines have been exported to many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Australia, etc. Many customers expressed that the machine is very durable and effective.
  2. The powerful function of the cloth hanger making machine. We have a fully automatic clothes hanger machine, which can make clothes hangers of different shapes and materials. It meets the needs of customers. If you need it, we will recommend the right machine model for you.
  3. Our service is thorough. We will reply to customers at any time and actively help them solve any problems.
  4. One year after-sales service. We will implement after-sales service for the machine so that customers can use it with more confidence.
automatic wire hanger making machine
automatic wire hanger making machine

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