Small PVC Hanger Machine Shipped to Spain

small hanger machine shipped to Spain
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Industrial PVC hanger machines can realize mass production of hangers. And even a small hanger machine can produce many different hangers, such as wire hangers, galvanized iron wire hangers, and so on.

At present, as PCV wire is more and more widely used, many customers will choose to use this material to make clothes hangers. We exported a small clothes hanger machine to Spain last weekend, and the customer planned to use PVC wires to process clothes hangers.

hanger machine details
hanger machine details

Details of the Spain order for small PVC hanger machine

This Spanish customer was engaged in the hanger processing business for the first time. Before deciding to purchase PVC hanger machines, he also specially registered a new company.

The Spanish customer has been paying attention to the hanger business for a long time and has thoroughly investigated the market demand for local hangers and decided on the hanger specifications he wants to process.

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, as a professional PVC hanger machine factory, our factory quickly formulated the corresponding clothes hanger processing plan for him. This customer mainly processed two hangers with different shapes but the same size (length 42cm, height 12cm).

small hanger machine packaging for Spain
small hanger machine packaging for Spain

Even though we agreed with the customer on the various details of the small PVC hanger machine, the Spanish customer did not pay immediately. This is because the epidemic in Spain was very serious at that time. And many local industries were suspended, including the transportation industry. We appeased the customer and said that we ensured that we would not increase the price of the machine.

Our factory is willing to wait for the epidemic in Spain to ease before working with the customer. The customer stated that he was willing to cooperate with a PVC hanger machine factory like ours. So he immediately cooperated with us after the Spanish epidemic ended.

type1 hanger
type1 hanger
type2 hanger
type2 hanger

Technical parameters of the Spain small hanger machine

Power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase
Weight: 700kg
Dimension: 1800*800*1650mm
Total 2 forming molds

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