Stainless steel hangers versus plastic hangers

Everyone must use clothes hangers in their daily lives. Our cloth hanger making machines can produce both hangers.
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A clothes hanger is a small object used to hang clothes, without which it would be very inconvenient in ordinary life. Everyone must use clothes hangers in their daily lives. But in the case of buying a clothes rack, often hesitate between stainless steel hangers and plastic hangers. Next, let’s compare the two types of hangers with us! We have automatic wire hanger-making machines that can process both plastic hangers and stainless steel hangers.

hanger making machine
hanger making machine

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are mainly made of abs plastic material through the cloth hanger making machine. The style of plastic hangers is mainly divided into two categories, one is flat and long frame body, and narrower frame shoulder support point surface. This kind of clothes hanger skew slope surface is smaller, the shape design is also thinner, this kind of clothes rack is more suitable for drying some light clothes.
In addition, this type of clothes rack has a wider and shorter body frame, the skewed slope of the shoulder frame on both sides is more generous, and the clothes are heavier is also suitable for use.

Plastic clothes hanger material is more common, the price is also relatively cost-effective. And the material is lighter, easy to take and put, and colorful can choose at will. But the use of the process is easy to bend deformation.

coat hanger machine
coat hanger machine

Stainless steel hangers

Stainless steel hangers characterized by durability and sturdiness. Such hangers can carry heavier clothes without deformation, and metal textures are fashionable and beautiful. Because the stainless steel material shows the fashion trend, fully replaces the traditional type of wooden clothes rack. But the price is slightly higher.

By comparing these two types of hangers, they each have their own characteristics. We can choose their favorite clothes hangers.

Stainless steel hangers
Stainless steel hangers

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