What kinds of hangers does the plastic hanger machine produce?

The plastic hanger machine can manufacture all kinds of clothes hangers with different shapes and sizes. The production capacity is 30~40 pieces per minute and the fine wire diameter is 1.8~2.8mm.
platic hanger machine produce
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The plastic hanger machine can manufacture all kinds of clothes hangers with different shapes and sizes. The production capacity is 30~40 pieces per minute and the fine wire diameter is 1.8~2.8mm. Among them, the galvanized steel belt hanger, the size of the hanger: 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 (including 16 inches ~ 18-inch hanger), the working voltage is 380 volts and 220 volts can be used, 380 volts The motor is 1.5 kilowatts, 220 volts, and 3 kW. The net weight of the equipment is 700Kg. Wire racks and collection hangers.

The application of a clothes hanger is indispensable in life, but for the plastic hanger equipment that makes it, it does not mean that everyone knows it all. If you want to make the application of this guarantee better and better, you can only pay attention to it. It is the best application in daily life, and the application in this way is more critical. The existence of the automatic plastic hanger machine is for better and more convenient manufacturing, and for better and better manufacturing and selection. Therefore, its existence must be done well, and it must be made to make the technology necessary for everyone so that we all feel satisfied, then such applications will get better and better. , Device storage like this is loved by many people in life.

All kinds of wire hangers

  • Stainless steel hanger

The characteristics of stainless steel clothes hangers are: thick and solid, not easy to fall off, strong load-bearing capacity, long life, waterproof and light fastness, and can withstand wind and sun.

Stainless steel hanger
Stainless steel hanger
  • Galvanized wire hanger
Galvanized wire hanger
Galvanized wire hanger
  • Coated wire hanger

The advantages of plastic hangers are: low price, wet and dry, strong and durable, colorful in color, and good endurance.
The disadvantages are: easy to age and easy to break.

Coated wire hanger
Coated wire hanger
  • Other non-slip and scratch-resistant parts

What to attention when using a wire hanger

When the hanger bears heavier clothes, it is likely to deform or break. The hanger itself is not high enough to bear the net weight of ordinary clothes. If it is too heavy, it will not be able to bear it, it will easily cause damage to the hanger, and it cannot be used again. And if the clothes are damaged when the clothes are put on, it is easy to scratch the clothes and trousers, and the clothes and trousers will be damaged, and the effect will be more serious. The outer skin of the clothes hanger is generally soft and is prone to wear. When it is worn out, it will endanger the smoothness and beauty of the clothes hanger, and it is also easy to rust. When it is worn out or even rusted, if it is used to dry clothes again, it is easy for the rust on the hanger to stick to the clothes and trousers, destroying the clothes and trousers.

Operation steps of plastic hanger machine

  • Strictly implement the safety operating procedures for CNC lathe workers, and wear work protective equipment in accordance with the regulations.
  • Before starting, check whether the motor, power switch, route, and grounding device are all normal and sturdy, and check the control positions of the wire hanger machine. The buttons are in the right place.
  • Check the overlap and firmness of the left and right molds; check whether the positioning equipment meets the requirements of the production and processing.
  • Connect the switching power supply and use the power switch on the operation panel to restart the gasoline pump.
  • After starting, run dry for 5-10 minutes, and arrange the upper roller to move 2-3 times at full stroke. If you find abnormal noise or problems, you should park the plastic hanger equipment immediately, clear the common faults, and start working after everything is normal.
  • During work, one person must command uniformly, so that the operators and the feeding and suppressing personnel will cooperate closely to ensure that the cooperating personnel send out the bending signal in a safe direction.
wire hanger machine
wire hanger machine

The above explanation is that the plastic hanger machine can make clothes hangers of different shapes. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the plastic hanger equipment, please contact us or leave a comment. We will be happy to provide you with considerate service!

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