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hanger making machine
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Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is a manufacturer and seller of mature hanger machines. At present, in order to expand the scope of business, new and old customers are specially invited to come for inquiry. Create a responsible, and ideal company with our company.

The hanger machine uses mold forming and twists forming to make iron wire into hangers. This machine has many characteristics such as simple operation, high working efficiency, stable operation, low noise and so on.

hangers wrapped by the plastic
hangers wrapped by the plastic

It is our honor to serve our customers. The hanger machines provided by our company are supervised by a person during the manufacturing process. Each part of the products is strictly controlled and the product quality is reliable. The hangers are mainly sold to the need groups and have a good reputation. Shuliy Machinery will also give back to our customers with better quality, more satisfactory service and more reasonable prices.

The quality of the hanger making machines produced by our company is stable, the supply is abundant, the price is reasonable, and the delivery is timely, and it is widely welcomed by the needy groups in the country. Products are always sold through wholesale, retail, online sales, factory direct sales, and a combination of domestic and foreign trade. The multi-channel operation has given many consumers convenient access. Our company treats customers’ requirements rationally, fully communicates, and cooperates in good faith. If there are specific needs, you can feel free to communicate and negotiate with our company.

hanger forming machine
hanger forming machine

Hanger machine, it is a new industry in recent years. This hanger machine is mainly used to make different kinds of metal hangers. Of course, the performance of different material hangers is different. Take plastic hangers as an example:

Low-end plastic hangers are injection molded at one time and are generally made of pp material. This type of hanger does not add any accessories to make it lighter and thinner. The screen-printed logo is more suitable for light and thin clothing.

The middle-end hanger is heavier than the low-end and is generally made of PP and PS materials. Crossbars and clips on the bottom, transfer or hot stamp logos.

High-end hangers are generally made of imported ABS and KR materials. They have a firm body, larger size, wider shoulders, and laser-etched logos. The hangers are also equipped with non-slip pads, and the bottom bar is equipped with clips.

Shuliy hanger machine supplier sincerely provides customers with good products, and thoughtful and meticulous service is the sales guidelines that Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. has always pursued. The hanger forming machines sold by our company have a strong competitive advantage in the hardware equipment industry. Through years of continuous research in this industry and persistence in the company’s product quality, our products have won the unanimous affirmation of the majority of customer groups.

Want to know more about the supply of hanger making machines, please call us, Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is waiting for your call all day.

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