Why do dry cleaners use wire hangers for clothes?

Dry cleaners use wire hangers processed by wire hanger machine to replace disposable hangers, which can greatly save costs.
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Dry cleaners usually use more disposable hangers. But in recent years, wire hangers made by the wire hanger machine have gradually been used in more dry cleaners, gradually replacing the use of disposable hangers. Why? This is because the cost of disposable clothes hangers is relatively high, and it is easy to cause environmental pollution and waste of resources.

wire hangers for dry cleaners
wire hangers for dry cleaners

The difference between disposable hangers and wire hangers

Most of the disposable hangers in dry cleaners are made of plastic products, and there are usually two kinds of soft plastic hangers and hard plastic hangers. Although such plastic disposable clothes hangers are more convenient to carry and use, they are of poor quality, have a short service life, and are easily broken.

Moreover, because the use frequency of disposable clothes hangers is low, dry cleaners need to purchase a large number of disposable clothes hangers for a long time, and the cost is relatively high.

Wire hangers are usually made of galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, rubber-coated wire, etc., which are very strong and durable. In addition, due to the advantages of wear resistance, wire hangers can usually be used for a long time, which can greatly reduce the cost of dry cleaners.

hanger making machine for sale
hanger making machine for sale

The main reason why dry cleaners use wire hangers

  1. With the strengthening of the environmental protection awareness of the whole society, disposable clothes hangers are gradually eliminated by the market due to the characteristics of waste of resources and environmental pollution.
  2. Due to the advancement of technology, the processing efficiency of wire hanger making machines is getting higher and higher. Yes, the processing cost of wire hangers is lower, and the price is getting cheaper. This makes more dry cleaners choose to use wire hangers.
  3. Wire hangers have a wider range of applications due to their high hardness and large bearing capacity. In addition, although wire hangers are made of metal, they are made of non-corrosive materials, so they will not stain the clothes of the dry cleaners.

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