Ship the wire hanger making machine to Algeria

Good news! An Algerian customer bought a galvanized wire hanger making machine from us. Our hanger making machine can make many shapes.
wire hanger making machine
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Good news! An Algerian customer bought a galvanized wire hanger making machine from us. Our hanger making machine can make many shapes. The customer can choose the desired shape of the hanger and we will help the customer to customize it.

Customer’s motivation for purchasing the wire hanger making machine

The customer decided to start a hanger making business in cooperation with his partner. Therefore, he was looking for a cloth hanger making machine. Through the search, decided to contact us.

wire hanger making machine
wire hanger making machine

Customer’s process of purchasing a coat hanger machine

After we received the inquiry from the customer, we contacted the customer immediately. First of all, we confirmed with the customer what the raw material of the hanger is. We also sent pictures and videos of the wire hanger making machine. After that, we confirm the shape of the hanger we need to make.

Finally, we confirmed that the customer needed a galvanized wire hanger making machine. Therefore, we provided the PI to the customer, who was looking for a Chinese agent on his own and would contact us when he found one.

Payment and shipping of the wire hanger machine for sale

The customer found an agent and paid us in full. Since we had the machine in stock, we sent the pictures and video of the wire hanger making machine directly to the customer for inspection. After that, wooden box packing and shipping were carried out.

Some points about the hanger machine customers need to figure out

  1. The material of the thread used to make hangers. Our hanger machine can handle galvanized hanger wire and PVC material hanger wire.
  2. The shape of the hanger. There are various shapes of hangers in the market. Therefore, customers need to determine a hanger shape and we will customize it for them.
various shapes cloth hanger
various shapes cloth hanger

3. The diameter of the hanger wire.

4. The voltage, phase power, hertz, etc. that meet the customer’s local electricity demand, we need to confirm with the customer.

What are the benefits for customers who choose our hanger machine?

  1. Thorough service. We will provide any information about the wire hanger machine to our customers. We will answer customers’ questions promptly. We will help to solve any problems of customers.
  2. High quality wire hanger machine. Our hanger machine is made of high-quality mechanical material, durable and stable operation. And they have been sold to many countries, such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Oman, etc.
  3. One year after-sales service. We will help customers to solve any quality problems with the machine. Customers can contact us online at any time.
cloth hanger making machine
cloth hanger making machine

Various hanger production equipment supplier

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