Successful Delivery: Wire Hanger Molding Machines Sent to Kosovo

We supplied two wire hanger molding machines to a metal wire recycling business in Kosovo to meet their new business needs of processing recycled wire into hangers to expand new markets for their customers.
wire hanger molding machine
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Our company recently successfully delivered two wire hanger molding machines to Kosovo. The customer is in the metal wire recycling business and has recently expanded its business scope to include using recycled wire to produce clothes hangers. They came to us with specific requirements for the hanger shape, demonstrating their clear vision for their new business.

Reasons for purchasing the machine

The customer decided to invest in a clothes hanger machine because they wanted to diversify their business and take advantage of the growing demand for sustainable products in the apparel industry.

By repurposing recycled wire into clothes hangers, they aim to provide apparel companies with an environmentally friendly solution while opening up new revenue streams for their businesses.

Their trust in our company is reflected in their willingness to work with us and their confidence in our machines, which is evident by their readiness to make purchases based on the information and materials we provide.

Wire hanger molding machine benefits

The hanger machine provided by our company can effectively process metal wire into clothes hangers of various shapes and sizes to meet the specific requirements of customers.

These wire hanger molding machines have the advantages of precision molding, high production efficiency, and diverse hanger designs, allowing customers to produce high-quality hangers that meet the needs of clothing companies.

In addition, by using recycled metal wire as raw material, customers reduce production costs while also contributing to environmental sustainability.


By providing reliable machinery and tailor-made solutions, we helped this customer from Kosovo innovate and diversify. If you are also interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us.

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